Construction Management

KVC Constructors fast-track construction management services are available for both "At Risk" and "As Agent for Owner" project types. Through an open-book approach, "At Risk" clientele agree to a guaranteed maximum price, with shared savings accrued through the building process. "As Agent for Owner" agreements are based on a fee structure, typically allowing clientele to exercise more control throughout the building process, through personalized agreements with subcontractors, managed by KVC Constructors.

Construction Management Benefits:

  • Front-end involvement
  • Standardized review meetings
  • Pre-Construction Services including estimating, scheduling,
    constructability, and logistics
  • Subcontractor prequalification
  • Code compliance and Permitting
  • Progress Reporting
  • Budget/cost analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Payment Review and Processing
  • Health and safety program implementation and enforcement
  • Coordination of close-out documentation and warranties
  • Unmatched principal involvement